belongs to lumber
  • Burmese Mu Lian (Manglietia Fordiana) it is lily magnolia division Mu Lian belongs to lumber, grain connects stability of straight, beautiful, dimension, [url=]Composite Wood Fencing for yard[/url] basically use as in our country adornment and furniture material. The crop of Burmese Mu Lian is bigger, diameter class is inside limits of 60 ~ 120 Cm, volume recovery is faster, and moderate of log price price. The compressive strength arranging

    grain of Burmese Mu Lian is grain of its horizontal stroke 5.2 times of compressive strength; Compressive strength of horizontal grain radial is more than[url=]6 ft vinyl fence panels clearance[/url] its bowstring Xiang Kang to press intensity; [url=]deck tile field stone rubber[/url] The tensile strength that arrange grain is highest in all and mechanical index, the 9 ~ that are the shear strength that arrange grain about 16 times. The bowstring of Burmese Mu Lian compares his to shear .[url=]outdoor deck manufacturer[/url]

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