the use of materials in the room floor
  • General room are the use of high-strength wear-resistant anti-static floor, the use of these materials have what requirements? 1, material requirements: decorative surface layer: high wear-resistant HPLcomposite decking around inground pool anti-static veneer. Plate core: high strength and permanent formation, water immersion is not deformed. Decorative side: decorated with PVC conductive edge.

    Floor trim edge by the weld treatment, beautiful and solid. Bottom plate: galvanized steel plate, protect interlocking plastic exterior panels 4ftx8ft the board core, increase load. Activity floor: from the floor, adjustable support, square pipe beams and other related components necessary components. The floor must be flexible.

    Plate surface should be flat, durable wear, moisture-proof flame retardant, resistant to pollution, anti-aging, even seam, the surrounding straight. Veneer anti-static, clear pattern, consistent color, no cracks, neat edges, smooth and so on. The strip must be completely build privacy fence in spain in contact with the veneer and is not allowed to loose or fall off. Main material board solid, good flatness, fire, moisture, environmental protection. Galvanized steel support frame: from the top plate, tube, screw, nut, floor composition. The use of self-extinguishing PVC plastic conductive static decorative side, can firmly seal the air under the floor to prevent leakage, to avoid the loss of air Best Diy Decking Products Export conditioning within the room, the leakage value should meet the design requirements.

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