plastic packaging
  • White pollution is a one-time difficult to degrade plastic packaging. Such as disposable foam fast food and our commonly used plastic bags, etc. It is very serious environmental pollution, buried in the soil is difficult to break down, will lead to decreased soil capacity, if the incineration will lead to air pollution, so now advocate no or less This thing, the bestinexpensive flooring for patio thing to buy when the tools, to reduce its use. Plastic products as a new type of material, with light, waterproof, durable, mature production technology, the advantages of low cost, widely used in the world and showed a growing trend.

    Plastic packaging materials in the world market growth rate is higher than other packaging materials, forced recycling. Clean waste plastic packaging can be reused, or re-usedcheap composite decking board for granulation, refining, paint, for building materials.

    Recycling is in line with the general principles of "waste reduction, recycling and harmless" treatment of solid waste. Recycling can not only avoid "visual pollution", but also can solve the "potential harm" to alleviate the pressure of resources, reduce the municipal solid waste disposal load, save the land, and can obtain certain economicDeck Cleaner with Mildew Inhibitor benefits.

    In terms of technology, one is to take paper on behalf of plastic. The main ingredient of the paper is natural plant cellulose, which is easily decomposed by microorganisms in the soil, so it can solve the "potential hazard" mentioned earlier, but it also brings new environmental problems: first, paper needs a lot of wood, and China's forest resources are not rich; the second paper will bring water pollution during the process. In addition, in terms of performance, cost, etc., paper products can not compete with plastic products. At present, China has also to sugar cane, straw as raw Best Diy Decking Products Export materials to produce disposable tableware practice, but still in the experimental stage.

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