Engineering plastics
  • Engineering plastics is used as industrial parts or shell materials, industrial plastics, is the strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and anti-aging are excellent plastic. It is defined as "high performance Composite Decking and Railing Photos plastic for structural and mechanical parts, with heat resistance above 100 ℃, mainly used in industry."

    Its performance includes: mechanical properties: high strength, high mechanical modulus, low Degeneration, strong wear resistance and fatigue resistance. Other: chemical resistance, electrical resistance, flame resistance, weather resistance, good dimensional stability. Thermosetting plastics are premade plastic deck gate unsaturated polyester, phenol plastic, epoxy plastic and so on. Load winding temperature exceeds 100 ℃, hardness, excellent aging. Polypropylene, if improved its hardness and cold resistance, can also be included in the scope of engineering plastics.

    In addition, it also includes fluorine-resistant plastics with excellent strength and heat resistance and excellent resistance, and excellent heat-resistant flooring for unheated enclosed porch silicon melt compounds, as well as polyamide-imide, polyimide, Polybismaleimide, Polysufone (PSF) , PES, propylene plastic, denatured melamine plastic, BTResin, PEEK, PEI, liquid crystal plastic and so on.

    The chemical structure of the engineering plastics is different, so their chemical resistance, friction characteristics, motor characteristics and so different. Due to the different formability of the engineering plastics, so some apply to any molding methods, and some can only be a way to shape the processing, thus creating the application of the limitations. Thermo-hardening engineering plastics have poor impact resistance, so most of them are added with glass fibers. Engineering plastics in addition to polycarbonate and other impact resistance, usually with hard, brittle, elongation of the nature of small, but if the addition of 20-30% of the glass fiber, then its impact resistance Best Diy Decking Products Export will be improved.

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