Furniture market crisis in the machine
  • July 1, 2013, "the rights and interests of the elderly law" formally implemented, "often go home to see" was written into the law. But often go home to see is not standing at the door to see, but to thoroughly understand the life needs of Mom and Dad. People to the elderly, physical and psychological changes,outdoor clothes drying rack careful children will find: the existing home of the old furniture for parents, the use is not convenient, but where there are easy to let the father and mother comfortable to use the elderly furniture.

    The current lack of suitable for the elderly furniture products, but as a new social problems, furniture companies have begun to fancy this huge market. In fact, "suitable for the old" furniture design in developed countries very much attention. For example, Canada to produce for the elderly to use the automatic massage device with the bed, as long as the use of open bedside switch, massage device will be in the back of the human,wholesale cheap price plastic chairs the waist to do regular massage. US Berkline functional sofa with a support function, can be tilted, can lie, can self-stretch.

    Suitable for the elderly "furniture design should both the function of medical furniture, but also have the elements of human care and local culture, so that the elderly have the warmth of home and local culture nostalgia, will not feel like a hospital.Xunde Vocational and Technical College Professor Liu Xiaohong that,sleeping pad for tent camping The elderly are generally frail, need a lot of family treatment, and the move is not very convenient, need some special design to assist them to complete such as bathing, living in the bathroom and cooking in the kitchen and other living activities.

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