wood production of moisture-proof floor
  • in order to help enterprises win more space. Such as the natural production of ecological floor, beautiful island production of chamfering synchronous wood, Xu wood production of moisture-proof floor, the new oasis launched the framework of solid wood flooring, etc., and no one infiltration of the future development of enterprises.
    thinking and exploration. In this technological innovation, Dewei Wood is at the forefront of the wood. Founded in 1998, Dewey Wood, the development of the entire industry has maintained a clear understanding and mature development ideas. In the occasion of the changing market environment, Dewey has always been determined to take the road of technological development.
    "NDC no corner processing technology," the introduction of this belief is the return of China's flooring industry as a historic technological innovation, the technology not only to fill the flooring industry in China's independent intellectual property rights in the field of patent technology gaps,
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