Modern minimalist furniture occupies the largest market share
  • The latest survey data show that modern minimalist style furniture is still the largest market consumption category, the market share of 54%. Simple space design is usually very subtle, often can be achieved with less wins, to Jane victory over the effect. From the 1950s onwards,chaises pliantes extérieures surdimensionnées the German modern furniture has begun to simple design, the Italian modern furniture has been the pursuit of streamlined surrealism, Nordic simple furniture popular in the world, Japan has also come out of a unique combination of traditional and modern road. In the 20th century, surging "industrial design" wave, "less is more" simple design was pushed to the extreme, so far not bad.

    Germany, Italy, the modern simple furniture to plate furniture and metal furniture, but Japan, the Nordic simple style furniture is based on solid wood, the Chinese furniture market health and environmental protection voice of the moment, the plate furniture market plummeted,table à manger et chaises pour cuisine solid wood furniture step by step Instead. Therefore, the current Chinese simple furniture market, the highest voice of solid wood. In the design, the line is still the best lines to express minimalism.

    This is the basic requirement of the simple style, it emphasizes the interior space form and the object of the unity, abstraction, and the line is the best way to express. So, in the simple style, straight lines are widely used. Japan's famous designer Kengo Kengo has simply summed up the Japanese architectural design and interior design, "Zen that life, life that Zen", this from the Datang period into Japan's Zen aesthetics, is the simple, ethereal, quiet idea, So now look at the Japanese Oriental Zen architecture,table basse bistrot avec rangement will find the light and space there are many straight lines, the intersection of the confusing beauty. While the Nordic design contact more, they will find their consistent common: straight lines outlined simple and beautiful shape and very useful features.

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