Vacuum hot press
  • 1, the electric furnace for the vertical structure, the use of double water sandwich structure, the outer wall and flange are 304 stainless steel. The furnace is divided into two parts, of which one-third of the lid can be manually open side of the door, two-thirds of the fixed furnace, unique design, easy to operate.

    2, the vacuum system: by the oil diffusion pump, Roots pump, mechanical pump with magnetic pressure valve (to prevent sudden power failure, mechanical pump oil pour) inflatable valve, bleed valve, vacuum butterfly valve, vacuum pressure gauge (�� Pa) Tube, vacuum pipe and bracket and other components.

    3, the hydraulic system: the use of electric input mode. The hydraulic station is equipped with inlet proportional valve, pressure sensor, displacement display using grating (distance measurement accuracy 0.02mm), hydraulic cylinder and other related hydraulic devices, pressure adjustment semi-automatic, can be manually adjusted. The instrument can be set to automatically adjust the pressure, and can achieve regulation, pressure.

    4, water-cooled system: a variety of valve-related equipment composed of water and sound and water alarm automatically cut off the heating source or function.

    5, temperature control system: the use of SCR temperature control, configuration PID function instrument, digital display, with over-temperature sound and light alarm function, can also use PLC touch screen automatic control, and retain the historical data, easy to analyze the sintering process.

    6, inflatable system: composed of a variety of pipes and valves, and with an electromagnetic valve, pressure sensor, when the furnace pressure is higher than the safety value will automatically deflate, inflatable piping with needle valve, can control the inflatable

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