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  • wood of plywood, science and technology, wood or bamboo floor. Because they have the characteristic that differs severally, be applied at different furniture to create a field. Main sort (one) plywood Plywood passes lamination by miscellaneous wood skin and glue and become, press commonly horizontal, firm across is used to [url=]synthetic lumber home depot[/url] press when closing close. The purpose is to rise to enhance intensity action. General 12 li board above ply asks 9 above, 10 a fraction are large 5 above.

    Plywood has 4 kinds by the category, be able to bear or endure namely climate, be able to bear or endure wet plywood is I kind, be able to bear or endure water plywood is II kind, [url=]decking united arab[/url] be able to bear or endure wet plywood III kind, do not be able to bear or endure wet plywood IIII kind. Not congener price differs bigger, should choose according to different utility match.

    (2) joinery board joinery is by core board joining together and into, two outside faces are glue board joint. This board the force that grasp a hammer all compares plywood,[url=]cheap interior wood paneling[/url] particieboard tall. This board price comparing plywood, particieboard all expensive, suit to make high-grade cabinet kind product.

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