How to install painted galvanized steel doors and windows?
  • Painted galvanized steel doors and windows there are two types: one is without a sub-box, the other with a sub-box. Doors and windows without sub-boxes should be installed after the wet job is completed. Before installation eco wood plastic timber round in srilanka should carefully check the hole size, hole deviation should be trimmed to the same sub-box within the same range. Installation, the doors and windows into the hole, with wooden wedge temporary fixed, adjusted to horizontal flat vertical.

    With the expansion of the bolt and the door and the hole connected firmly, and finally stripped of protective tape, in the hole and doors and windows in the gap embedded in stand alone mobile homes with wood plastic the building sealant, while pulling the wooden wedge. With the sub-frame doors and windows in the installation, first with the self-tapping screws will be fixed on the sub-frame connector, and then the sub-box into the hole, with a wooden wedge will be sub-box four corners plug, adjust the sub-frame to horizontal and vertical Every 500mm has a wooden wedge support sub-frame to prevent the fixed Deck from House Around Inground Pool Mexico connector when the sub-frame deformation, and then the sub-box connector and the hole within the embedded parts welded firmly.

    In order to make the doors and windows frame and sub-frame close contact and not scratching the galvanized film, in the installation of doors and windows, the first sub-box on both sides and both sides of the paste on the seal, requiring a flattened without wrinkles, Sub-box, with the screws will be sub-frame and the door frame frame firmly, cover the screw cover. Push the window frame into the sub-box, the screws will be sub-frame and doors and windows connected firmly, fitted with push-pull fan, adjust the slider, so that doors and windows push and pull flexible. With the seal of the building seal and plywood cost per sheet in singapore the sub-frame, sub-frame and the door frame frame between the joints, stripped of protective tape, and timely wipe the residual traces to protect the surface. The wedge should be pulled out of the seal.

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