Copper and aluminum particle
  • Copper and aluminum particle crusher using copper and aluminum particles crusher for mass production of pure aluminum particles in the first domestic, the national patent. Copper and aluminum particle crusher is a kind of low maintenance residential fencing irregular aluminum corrugated plate material is directly broken into a circular sheet of particles of special machinery, crushing capacity is very strong, the broken particles can be widely used in chemical, casting, Military and other industries, is the production of fireworks and deep processing into the powder and other manufacturers of the ideal product.

    Copper and aluminum particle crusher is composed of six parts: frame, power transmission (11 kW), feeding, rotary knife crushing device, screen box sorting device and spouting mouth. It is characterized Diy Wood Plastic Composite by novel design, mechanical parts are not complicated, small fuselage, light weight, easy to move, install, easy to operate and safe.

    Based on the above characteristics, it is decided that the investment of the equipment is small, the output is fast, the efficiency is high, the grains are uniform, the pollution is not good, the low energy consumption, the economic benefit is high and eon fence products purchase the labor intensity is low.

    Copper and aluminum particles crushing machine can be aluminum irregular corners of the plate directly broken into different mesh number of particles, has changed the long-term aluminum non-standard corner block furnace melting problem, which not only saves the melting required Power consumption (coal consumption or fuel consumption), and eliminates the burning caused by the burning (the general burning rate of 5%), but can not be ignored tongue and groove composite decking is due to the burning of the atmosphere caused by the pollution of the atmosphere.

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