environmental protection
  • the domestic demand that indicates partial product is potential and fatigued and weak. Environmental protection superintend and director checks two months of uncover the block up after wine of somebody of enterprise of 13 thousand more than problem executes the law Up to on June 7, be called " environmental protection [url=http://yard-deck.com/railing/3621-Average-Costs-Of-Cedar-Fence.html]Average Costs Of Cedar Fence[/url] history on the most extensive operation " superintend and director of aggrandizement of prevention and cure of air pollution of the area side Ji Jizhou checks Beijing ferry to already began two months.

    8 days of late newest bulletins show environmental protection department, 28 superintend and director are checked group check 19517 companies in all (unit) , discover problem of environment of [url=http://yard-deck.com/board/5537-Environmentally-Friendly-Clean-Wood-Fence.html]Environmentally Friendly Clean Wood Fence[/url] 13785 businesses presence, 70.6% what hold examination sum total about. Two months come, large quantities of environments violate act by exposure while, a few case that reject examination, block up to execute the law also are paid close attention to by public opinion, such as,

    drunken distrain executes the law personnel, loot executes the law personnel obtains evidence equipment, etc. Face " atmosphere 10 " the target that raise, what environment problem [url=http://yard-deck.com/floor/3435-Beautiful-White-Things.html]Beautiful White Things[/url] is solved urgently? "Messy corrupt " why does problem enterprise become superintend and director to check a key? How do next stage superintend and director check the job to will spread out again?

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