Technology to build solid wood flooring
  • the company decided Strongly support Yang Hai, to support him to Bayer's market bigger and stronger, and at the same time continue to maintain the production of quality, reliable, environmentally friendly products return the broad masses of consumers and carry forward the people-oriented "respect you,
    care for you, all for you "To create the best living environment of the spirit, the Bayer to build China and the world floor industry's first brand. 5.1 home: brand floor "Running out" who have the same benefits more than the number of flooring will be able to save the floor is always building materials industry hot spots.
    "Nature" with strength to win the 2007 CCTV wood flooring industry standard king, the elephant, Gersen, love grid and many other flooring brands have also moves, this is not calm "floor rivers and lakes" added a few fresh breath The Technology to build solid wood flooring from the first ultra-wear-resistant products to the crystal ultra-wear-resistant,
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