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  • Beijing Quality Supervision Bureau of product quality and safety risk assessment center of the screening in 2015 to sort out the 967 effective information related to the 71 categories of product quality and safety risks were assessed, the risk of relatively prominent products, including textiles and clothing,white leather lounge chair comfortable furniture, household appliances, food With plastic products, automotive urea solution, industrial and commercial electrical equipment, solar hot water systems and other 24 categories.

    Which the textile and apparel products mainly reflect the product quality risk, including adult clothing logo logo and instructions, fiber content, formaldehyde content, product instructions, pH does not meet the standard requirements; children's clothing children's clothing rope and pull the tape does not meet the standard requirements; The quality of product quality, including the fiber content, the washing change rate, the color fastness to water,Mejores muebles de comedor de alta calidad the color fastness to perspiration, the size deviation rate, the breaking strength, the pH value and so on do not meet the standard requirements; furniture The product mainly reflects the product quality risk, including structural safety, warning signs, durability requirements.

    According to reports, the information reflected in the quality and safety risks, the Beijing Municipal Quality Supervision

    Bureau to take early warning notification requirements for enterprise disposal, for the existence of illegal acts according to the law of administrative punishment, has completed the notification and handling 834. Specifically, 626 information reflects the nominal Beijing production enterprises on the existence of product quality and safety risks were disposed of,Silla de camping de gran novedad of which 119 enterprises to actively implement the main responsibility for product quality, respectively, to take the recall, the next frame and other measures to eliminate or prevent the The occurrence of risk.

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