floor paste
  • And paste the original ground of soft wood dust, leaving no dust, let the floor cleaner. 2, The surface patch: find the defects of the original cork floor floor paste, Seiko fine chisel, in order to improve the smoothness of the original surface, do not miss. 3. 3 surface grinding and dust cleaning: the grinding machine is used to grind the surface of the soft Mu di ban, and the precision of the ground is flat.
    With the ground around the error is controlled within 2.0mm. 4, Elevation, protection of the finished product: You may encounter on the protection of the corners of furniture 5, Jie mian ji: Gun tu Jie mian ji, the first to the corner of the hand coating, this is the original ground and the self-flow flat cement the best Rong jie ji,
    To ensure that the surface of the grass-roots and self-leveling cement the close bonding, and a certain degree of moisture-proof function.
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