wood floor of the pastoral
  • The color of the wood floor of the pastoral style: quiet, natural, indifferent is the American pastoral style of the tone, so generally the natural light color Yuan mu xi.Or color saturation Jiao di, using the natural hand craft floor, which can reflect the fresh and elegant texture of natural log,It is the best choice to match the country-style.
    The selection of light color and Shen se xi, water laundered, maple yellow, wheat field color and Qing shi se are the most representative.Do not choose the color span of the larger intermediate color and saturation of the color.The ancients cloud, Min yi shi wei tian!
    All the time, eating is one of the great pleasures of life, the restaurant's decoration design for the foodie are very important to me.As the saying goes, a comfortable and pleasant dining room can make people eat a lot of appetite, and have a good taste for the food.
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