Is the furniture dealer's end?
  • Recently, there are reports that Taobao fake back a large number of sellers, some fake took advantage of the influx of low threshold, regulatory pine second-hand market, second-hand transaction complaints have increased. For the emerging online second-hand market,salle à manger salle à manger this is a serious damage. However, this pair of offline goods market may be an opportunity. Some practitioners say that their goods can be seen, tangible, and perhaps make people more at ease. It is understood that Xiamen was the largest flea market - the former Po old goods city has officially closed last year, the old traders have to find a new way out. Xiamen's flea market which? They are doing business? This issue of "Monday see", the reporter will take you to find out.

    After the Spring Festival, Xiao Zhang and friends decided to go to the stone village flea market "Amoy" some new office companies in the necessary office appliances and electrical appliances.Xiao Zhang some surprise, because the old goods market everything,outdoor patio set bar height and many are new. Although these furniture slightly rough, simple, but the price is a big advantage, even one-third of the mall is not.

    Xiao Zhang to the whole market have turned over and found here not only all over the sale of furniture, home appliances, merchandise, even the daily necessities are readily available. Xiao Zhang and friends carefully selected, the several sets of office tables and chairs, sofas, three air conditioners, refrigerators and so on one-time purchase complete. All the cost of less than 1 million, "If you buy in the mall,table et chaise rugueuses de pub en plein air less than two or three million, the same side can be sent to the door, the package installed.

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