the cause of environmental protection
  • national green environmental protection activities. She also stressed: "As long as people planted a tree, then you can form a forest, this time we invited representatives from all over the country came to the Yellow River, came to Hukou, ask them personally for our mother river We hope that through the Yellow River Hukou site tree planting.
    activities to mobilize social forces to focus on greening, protect the Yellow River, guide more people to participate in the rescue of the mother river, build China green layout of the cause of environmental protection. "During the event, the consumer representatives from Taiyuan published a passionate speech,
    he spoke highly of the social significance of this event, and expressed his joy of planting trees on the scene. Shanxi Province Forestry Department Chief Engineer Mr. Ren Jianzhong, Director of Afforestation Mr. Huang Zongxiao and Deputy Secretary-General of China Greening Foundation Mr. Zhao Zhiying and Linfen City.
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