the insulation performance
  • Such as better strength, longer life, heat resistance is also better. But the insulation performance slightly worse. Pure copper has a very high corrosion resistance, the use of a period of time, the surfaceaverage cost of composit wood deck will appear a layer of green oxide. But the pipe life, flow, and resistance to the fluid, basically no effect. Copper green on the human health without damage, and the bacteria have a certain ability to kill. The installation method of the copper-clad copper pipe is two kinds of sleeve type and welding type, and the welding type is more reliable.

    Brass, stainless steel pipe: In addition to this kind of pipe insulation performance difference, the other indicators such as strength, life resistance to the fluid are very good, suitable for cold water pipes. Such as for hot composite decking in west yorkshire water delivery, should be added insulation jacket.

    Connection to card-based, brass can also be welded. Inside the slush galvanized cast iron pipe: that is, in the ordinary galvanized pipe wall layer of plastic, so that it has corrosion resistance, resistance, good insulation properties, while the galvanized pipe itself with high strength characteristics. Most of these pipes are routed. Plastic pipe: plastic pipe as long as the material selection meets the standard requirements, can have sufficient strength, life, safety, health. It is the best of all pipe insulation performance. Plastic pipe with hot-melt welding, high reliability, as long as the construction is correct, the pressure test of the normal pipe welding, there willwaterproof tile board paneling be no leakage off.

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