Basic knowledge of water supply pipes
  • In the past, the pipes used for water supply were mainly cast iron pipes. Outside the main sand cast iron pipe, indoor use of galvanized cast iron pipe, can be divided into cold (electric) galvanized and hot price of hinoki wood decking galvanized two. And gradually limit the use of hot-dip cast iron pipe, promote the use of aluminum-plastic composite pipe, plastic pipe. Therefore, the current use of the pipeline there are three major categories. The first category is a metal pipe, such as within the slab plastic hot-dip cast iron pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe.

    The second category is plastic composite metal pipe, such as plastic pipe, aluminum composite pipe. The third category is plastic pipe, such as PP-R (cross-linked polypropylene high-density mesh engineering plastics). PP-R cross-linked polypropylene high-density mesh recommended end to end gap of composite decking engineering plastics PE high-density polyethylene PP polypropylene PB polybutylene PEX cross-linked polyethylene water supply pipe integrated performance requirements as a water supply pipe, Health, safety, energy saving and convenience. Therefore, a pipeline inspection should be checked from four aspects. That is, health: pipes and accessories to the human body without any damage. Safety: have sufficient strength and wooden panels for patio floor excellent mechanical properties and anti-aging, heat and other properties.

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