What kind of new water pipe in the end?
  • In the current home decoration, the traditional galvanized steel pipe due to lax, easy to rust and the installation of complex, has gradually introduced the market, new water pipes have debut, in the cedar decking prices board foot end which is hard to find the "green tube "What?" Let us put the line of sight on the market several common water pipes. Plastic pipe people first consider the alternative materials. But its strength, linear and extreme temperature conditions, etc., have restricted its scope of application. Aluminum-plastic pipe in two layers of plastic pipe lining aluminum, aluminum pipe welding and welding by welding in two ways.

    Advantages: water quality and stability, non-scaling, corrosion resistance, flexibility, shortcomings: poor impact resistance, expansion coefficient, low hydraulic Portico Composite decking South Africa coefficient, low insulation and safety factor. Copper - plastic tube brass outsourcing plastic. To overcome the easy deformation of steel, easy to burst, poor pressure and heat resistance of the shortcomings.

    Its shortcomings: copper pipe and galvanized pipe by the metal wall and water in direct contact with, easy to produce copper green. Copper is not a copper ion, but a chemical harmful to the human body. As for the copper ion is beneficial to the human body, mainly to see if "appropriate". And "proper amount" depends on the copper ion content heavy composite lattice in the copper-plastic tube and the copper ion level in each body.

    Obviously, people can not even have the conditions to often determine the two kinds of copper ion content, therefore, "the right amount of copper ions beneficial to the human body" is correct, but the copper tube copper ion content is for everyone "right" Useful ", it can not be determined. It has the advantages of high surface hardness, good overall rigidity, small linear expansion coefficient outdoor plastic stone panels kuwait and good corrosion resistance, Practical, economical, safe, service life of up to 50 years.

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