Smelting metal vacuum furnace
  • Vacuum furnace according to the heating method is divided into vacuum resistance furnace, vacuum induction furnace, vacuum arc furnace, vacuum consumable arc furnace, electron beam furnace (also known as electronic bombardment furnace) and plasma furnace.

    Vacuum furnace generally by the host, furnace, electric device, sealed furnace shell, vacuum system, power supply system, temperature control system and furnace transport vehicles and other components. The sealing furnace shell is welded with carbon steel or stainless steel, and the joint surface of the removable part is sealed with a vacuum sealing material. In order to prevent the furnace shell after heating deformation and sealing material heat deterioration, the furnace shell is generally cooled by water or gas cooling. The furnace is located in the sealed furnace shell. According to the furnace use, the furnace is equipped with different types of heating elements, such as resistors, induction coils, electrodes and electron guns. Smelting metal vacuum furnace Furnace with crucible, and some also equipped with automatic pouring device and loading and unloading of the robot and so on. The vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum pump, vacuum valve and vacuum gauge.

    Vacuum furnace appeared in the 20th century, 30 years ago, 1927 made in the United States made electrical materials vacuum annealing furnace, 1953 vacuum consumable arc furnace in the industry to be applied.

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