How to Selecting a Chair
  • Firm Seat

    The seat should be firm enough to make rising easier and support good posture, yet still be comfortable for long periods of sitting.

    Supportive Backrest

    The backrest should support the natural curves of the spine. A lounge chair should also provide support for the head and neck.


    In a lounge chair, armrests should support under the forearm and hand, and be firm enough to assist pushing up to a standing position.

    Armrest length and height for a dining chair should enable the chair to be pulled close to the table. The person's forearms should rest at about 90 degrees on the table.

    Padded armrest may be more comfortable for some people.

    Foot Rests

    Feet should be supported flat on the floor, or on a footrest when seated. Some footrests support the feet only, whilst others support the lower legs.

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