important part of brand marketing
  • The whole process was carried out in a strong atmosphere of joy. The aim was to promote and develop Seoul's excellent face, to mobilize the majority of the active units of the faith. The whole meeting of the representatives of the harvest is not only to get the door of the 2007 fortune, but also to Hainan Sanya's southern tropical scenery glanced over the times,
    Whirlpool's culture, Whirlpool's unity, Whirlpool's spirit in the five-day trip which also Show people to learn and respect. Brand needs the system force, the brand needs intensive, 2007 Whirlpool Blue Ocean Strategy Forum itself is also an important part of brand marketing, highlighting the brand marketing,
    the purpose is to get the brand to upgrade quickly. Details determine the success or failure, the implementation is the last word, the importance of brand marketing is still the key and the implementation of the grasp, a good grasp of these two points will be able to get a good brand to enhance. 2007 The success of the Whirlpool Blue Ocean Summit is not only a strategic plan to discuss the decision,
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