need to blindly pursue the highest
  • which is no scientific basis. In fact, formaldehyde emission and the thickness of the floor is basically no relationship, and the production of the use of adhesive properties and production process. National standard GB18580-2001 detection criteria clear test conditions are: require the test sample to be measured surface area of ​​450L (note that the area is not the volume, but not the thickness),
    while the sample with four formaldehyde-free aluminum Tape seal. Therefore, the final detection of the floor surface is released from the formaldehyde, and the thickness of the floor has nothing to do. Some businesses say that thick plate formaldehyde release is completely misleading consumption.
    E1 standard enough environmentally friendly At present, there are some flooring brands on the market to play E0 standard signs, and in fact, for consumers to buy, select the E1 level of environmentally friendly products is completely enough, do not need to blindly pursue the highest standards. The country developed the floor E1 environmental standards,
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