stone synthesis process
  • The unsaturated polyester selected from the artificial stone synthesis process is a linear polymer polyester resin obtained by polycondensation of an unsaturated diol and a polyhydric alcohol compound. The polyester chain has both an ester bond and an unsaturated double bond , Polyester resin is very viscous, can not be used independently, the production should be added 30-35% of Trinidad And Tobago Patio Sets the active styrene, styrene also contains unsaturated double bond, it is the polyester in the cross-linking agent, but also plays a thinner And the role of the infiltrating agent, this combination of unsaturated polyester resin is a very unstable, with the continued production of other products to the reaction of raw materials.

    As the unsaturated polyester molecules contain ester bonds and unsaturated bonds, styrene molecules also contain unsaturated bonds, once the curing agent, the accelerator will occur redox reaction, the curing agent decomposition, the release of active Cladding Design Solutions In South Africa free radicals (also known as Free radicals), these free radicals play a link between different molecules chemical bond reaction, also known as cross-linking reaction, with the release of free radicals, the number of molecular chain to continue to grow, linked to each other, and ultimately thousands of small Molecules linked into an insoluble non-melting macromolecules

    has a strong performance, we need to be the product, this chemical reaction, also known as three-phase three-dimensional network-like cross-linking, in which the styrene molecules and polyester style selections composite solid plank molecules are not saturated Bond and ester bond cross-linking, said copolymerization, while the styrene molecules and polyester molecules produced by the cross-linking between the self-poly (so called three-phase cross-linking). The production of artificial stone in the polyester resin by adding different fillers and accessories, the chemical reaction is to achieve the filler surface of the resin package, the final packing will be closely linked to a network of macromolecules (ie products), however, The density of the bond, the length of the chemical chain, the density of Wood Plastic Tongue Groove Decking - Seven Trust the cross-linked three-dimensional network from the rigorous scientific formula, so different products are different formulations.

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