Outdoor furniture at home to enjoy the relaxed and happy outdoor life
  • Modern city people in the high-rise buildings all day under the gray space, hoping to find a corner at home, free to enjoy the sun, close to nature, soothing tired. It is also because of this complex, "outdoor furniture" more and more by the modern society pay attention to enjoy the lives of people love.

    Outdoor furniture design more focus on people's inner feelings, more to arc, streamlined, leaves and flowers and other shapes as the theme, giving a close feeling of nature. Its design principles to meet the human body curve and its own material properties for the two benchmark points, the overall shape of the fluency and rhythm.

    Brilliant colors in the material lightweight, simple shape of the outdoor furniture which occupies the absolute mainstream position, the use of this color to bring people healthy and lively experience. Return to the original, to capture the natural wave is still continued to fever, in the traditional wood furniture, after technological improvements, but also a high degree of artistic creation performance. Cotton, linen, bamboo, rattan and other materials feel more delicate, these unique material design style is the future development trend of outdoor furniture design.

    Outdoor furniture in three categories

    One is permanently fixed in the outdoor furniture, such as wooden tables and chairs, pavilions, swings, iron tables and chairs and so on. General such furniture to have a good anti-corrosion, the weight is relatively heavy, long-term outdoors.

    There is a class of outdoor furniture can be moved, such as rattan, wood, wood and other furniture, when used into the outdoors, when not in the room can be incorporated.

    Another kind of outdoor furniture can be carried, such as small dining tables, dining chairs and parasols, such furniture is generally made of aluminum and canvas, requiring light weight, easy to carry, the field travel, fishing is very suitable, It is best to bring some other outdoor equipment, such as barbecue stove, a tent, you can add a lot of fun for outdoor travel.

    Professional choice is king

    First of all if long-term outdoors, inevitably wind and sun, so do a good job of outdoor furniture has a certain deformation and fade psychological preparation, in the choice of connectors, to be careful. It is relatively heavy, and the ground to be connected firmly, through the rope, or the way the fixed load. In the connection of outdoor furniture parts, the general is a mortise or metal parts connected, the general metal parts compared to more solid, but do a good tenon not only strong, there is room for moving between the parts, Increasing the stability of the structure. And the mortise of the furniture is also more natural and the natural beauty of the structure, but the process can be good.

    Selection of outdoor furniture is important material. Wood is the preferred material, in general, to select the larger oil, such as pine, fir, teak, etc., and must have done anti-corrosion treatment; production process is also very important, because long-term exposure, the deformation is inevitable. If the process, however, the furniture is likely to be because the mortise is not strong or the expansion coefficient is not the wrong frame; another wooden outdoor furniture need to often use wood oil or paint maintenance.

    Another kind of plastic wood furniture, the use of plastic as the material, the surface imitation wood, durable, high temperature, not variant, no paint. So also known as environmentally friendly wood, is now a popular new product.

    Compared to wood outdoor furniture, metal material is more durable, aluminum or waterproof treated alloy material is the best, but pay attention to prevent the impact.

    Bamboo rattan outdoor furniture beautiful, but expensive, and difficult to care, easy to accumulate dust and mold, so be sure to choose good quality and after special treatment. Now the market is a kind of imitation rattan outdoor furniture - PE rattan, the price is cheaper than the rattan system, dirty brush like, and durable, more suitable for outdoor use.

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