Development and Trend of LED Lighting Application

  • The global LED lighting market in the market mature period, part of the field showing the state of finishing, according to the state set consulting LED Research Center (LED) data, 2016 global LED lighting market size reached 29.6 billion US dollars, 2017 is expected to grow to 331 100 million US dollars, LED lighting penetration rate is 52% of the degree, the future is still quite play space, but the low-end market prices and competition, not the international manufacturers are happy to see some of the more powerful and product technology threshold Of the first-tier manufacturers, will be efficient LED lighting and niche market to go And benefited from the development of regional lighting market, 2016 European LED lighting accounted for 23%, followed by North America and China market, the overall growth rate of the Asia-Pacific lighting market the fastest. LEDinside visits lighting manufacturers with major LED suppliers to explore new markets in the market for high efficiency LED lighting. Hid Ballasts For Sale

    The US market economic policy affects the development of the North American lighting industry, the United States is promoting the localization of LED lighting fixtures, will be more satisfied with the local market segments, expand the size of the local market. LED that this will produce similar to the previous US local solar installation services industry, the rise of the effect, led more US LED lighting engineering team was born to deal with the new installation of the project and replace the traditional lamps, the first generation of LED lights and other business, increase more Local job opportunities in the United States. The major US manufacturers are actively developing LED lighting business, LED lighting products continue to rise, LED commercial lighting / engineering lighting needs are strong in the US market. Among them, Troffer, flat lights, tunnel lights, patio light market demand to grow the most rapid, and accelerate to the wisdom and optical communications and other fields.Aftermarket Running Lights For Trucks

    LED, 2017 global LED commercial lighting (mainly including lamps, Toffer and panel lights), the output value of 6.347 billion US dollars, 2016-2020 compound annual growth rate of 12%. North American market LED lamp demand is very high, in the DLC 4.0 specifications come out, many manufacturers and standard contracting units are more in line with DLC 4.0 related specifications of the product, which LED lamp design and cost structure, manufacturers use LED What is the effect of the chip's choice? Amazon Led Lights For Cars

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