presses furnace of energy-saving
  • When accepting a reporter to interview, li Shunhua still introduced in detail " often press furnace of energy-saving lignite aerification " project. He says, this kind often presses furnace of [url=]gated privacy fence photos ideas[/url] energy-saving lignite aerification and traditional boiler and derv, liquid gas, canal to change gas, conduit to light gas cooking stove to provide photograph comparing,

    can reduce fuel cost firepower of 40% above ﹔ is strong, blaze height amounts to 600mm, continuously ﹔ of ℃ of igneous lukewarm 1100-1200 uses technology of whole sealing aerification,[url=]decking composite wood choices[/url] can reduce soot to discharge considerably, have taller promotion value. "Furnace of this kind of aerification energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection, and safe, stable, use convenient. " Li Shunhua says frankly, bring into contact with after this project, his the first thought introduces his Chongqing namely, for the zoology environmental protection of home town construction exhausts a power.

    Now, li Shunhua is undertaking making an on-the-spot investigation deep to Chongqing market. "Hope this project can be early day settle home town. " he expresses. [url=]interlocking decking tiles planks in south africa[/url] The industry transfers Vietnam to about 900 China wood creates a company,Chinese government announces, rose 2017, those who show some nearly 50 million stere is natural forest commerciality cuts to make stop in the round.

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