Natural stone
  • Natural stone refers to the natural rock from the mining out, and processed into a block or plate-like material in general. Building decoration with the finishes are mainly marble and granite plastic walkway deck products Hong Kong two categories. Marble refers to the deterioration or deposition of carbonate rocks, the main chemical composition is calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%, as well as magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and two silica.

    Marble belongs to medium hard stone. The color and composition of the marble plate are related to the composition of white calcium carbonate, magnesium price of wooden walkways in uae carbonate, purple manganese, black carbon or asphaltene, green diamond, yellow chromium, reddish brown, purple, brown and manganese and iron oxide Chemical, a variety of colors contain different ingredients of a variety of impurities.

    Pure white marble composition is more simple, but most of the marble is two or more ingredients mixed together. A variety of colors of marble, dark red, red iron and composite wood fences the most unstable, followed by green. White ingredients are relatively stable, easy to weathering and discoloration, such as white marble. Marble contains chemical properties of the red, dark red or smooth surface of the golden yellow particles, will make the marble structure loose, in Wood Plastic Tongue Groove Decking - Seven Trust the sun will produce quality Variety.

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