North enterprises rely on solid wood war market is still the main theme
  • Children are relatively fragile compared to adults; children's furniture is safer than adult furniture. China in August 2012 to implement the first mandatory standard "children's furniture general technical conditions", designed to standardize the children's furniture market.

    Over the past five years, the major brands according to the standard requirements, the children's furniture structure security,french club chair supplier china warning signs, environmental protection, more attention, but the children's furniture in the special supervision and spot checks were detected unqualified news is still seen from time to time. Out of the healthy growth of children to consider, more and more parents at the expense of spending money to buy the main green card solid wood children's furniture.

    A survey from the Global Children's Safety Organization showed that 61.2% of child injuries occurred at home. For children's furniture sharp edge of the most vulnerable to collision damage,buy waterproof swimming pool equipment China's first "children's furniture, general technical conditions" provides that children's furniture should not be dangerous sharp edges and dangerous sharp tip, edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered.

    Reporters visited a number of furniture stores in Guangzhou found that I love my family, colorful life, more love, hi dream treasure and other first-line brand of children's furniture in the appearance of the structure can meet the new national standard,park benches for sale in paris bedside are rounded design. In general, the quality of children's furniture are more standardized, such as the Songbao Kingdom store all the children's furniture can not see the sharp edges and corners, I love my family and other brands of wardrobes also have ventilation holes, and even drawers will have Anti-clasped damping design. But there are some brands of products still exist in some security flaws.

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