How to do a good job of outdoor LED display maintenance work?

  • How to do a good job of outdoor LED display maintenance work in the outdoor environment, air humidity, weather are the main factors affecting the display, we install the outdoor display, we should pay special attention to its wind, earthquake, bearing capacity, So that it is better to survive and run outdoors. In addition to the preparation of the early, after the completion of the installation, the display of the daily maintenance work as sloppy. Specific maintenance considerations are as follows:Fog Lights And Driving Light Upgrade Kits For Hid Xenon


    1. Power supply is stable, good grounding protection. 2. In case of strong lightning, strong typhoons and other disastrous weather, should cut off the power in time to wait for the weather to return to normal and then open the display power. 3. The display is strictly prohibited inside the water, is strictly prohibited flammable materials and easy to conductive metal into the screen body, so as to avoid equipment short circuit and fire. 4. If the display water, please immediately cut off the power and contact the maintenance staff, until the screen display panel can be used after drying. 5. LED display switch sequence 6. LED display surface can not be directly wiped with a damp cloth, you can use alcohol to wipe, or use a brush, vacuum cleaner for dust.125 Motorcycles For Sale

    7. In the rainy season LED screen for at least one time more than once a week. Generally open the screen at least once a month, lit for more than 2 hours. 8. Regular inspection of outdoor LED display support structure of the stability and safety of power supply cables, damage should be dealt with in a timely manner. 9. Do not arbitrarily cut off, do not frequently close and turn on the display power supply, to prevent the impact of inrush current. To avoid the current is too large, the power cord heat is too large, LED die damage, affecting the display life. 10. LED display master computer and other related equipment, should be placed in the air conditioning, dusty rooms, to ensure that the computer ventilation and heat stability and stability of the work. 11. LED outdoor display internal lines, need professionals overhaul. 12. Before the summer of each year, should be in advance to check the cooling screen cooling equipment, such as air conditioning, fans, etc., to ensure that the display in the permissible temperature environment to run. Murdoch'S?Standlee Alfalfa/Oat Cubes

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