The so-called solid wood flooring
  • but after the survival of the fittest market, for consumers, it is very useful.Buy a solid wood floor Do not be "commonly known" blinded Recently, Foshan, a floor agent Mr. Jia told reporters on the decision to determine the quality of some of the factors of solid wood flooring. He also told reporters that Foshan people to buy the floor to eliminate some of the errors on the understanding,
    learn some buying skills. "Teak flooring" is not solid wood flooring Jia said that many people in Foshan to buy solid wood flooring, are said to teak flooring, because in their concept, teak is solid wood flooring. In fact, there are dozens of solid wood flooring, a lot of floor sales staff can not tell the exact name of the wood,
    the results of teak has become a lot of population of solid wood flooring commonly known. The so-called solid wood flooring, is the dry floor of the raw materials, into the advanced temperature, wet wood balance system, after about 30 to 60 days of periodic stability and stress changes, directly processed,
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