raw material expects
  • When weather fine is good, often car of a few raw material expects to queue up to wait near field in the company examine goods, weigh, because some drivers expect time too long,[url=http://wpcgardenfence.com/wall-panel/1885.html]wood polymers and hybrid composite processing[/url] be agitated anxiously pettish, complain the company examines goods too strict. After company leader understands a situation, the mind that makes them patiently works,

    provide drinking water to them, improve company work efficiency, improve makings field to serve quality, win supplier and drivers finally forgive. According to raw material market condition and inventory state, 2016 year auspicious fill a company to be divided 7 times in all adjusted raw material to buy the price, [url=http://wpcgardenfence.com/outdoor-deck/2364.html]average price for composite wood flooring[/url] also increased a product to change the wood with high utilization rate at the same time the raw material such as branny, broken veneer and paring buys strength.

    Pass a series of act, annual buys raw material 480 thousand tons, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, bought a quantity to raise 98 thousand tons, [url=http://wpcgardenfence.com/boat-deck/1413.html]gluing no slip material to wood[/url] up to on December 31, raw material inventory many tons 90 thousand, be production undertake providinged firm and strong safeguard continuously.

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