Real wood floor maintains wax should notice the ground dry and clean

  • The 10% ~ that credence is short of the invalid cost in breaking disease to cause the market to trade to already occupied our country GDP 20% , be as high as 585.5 billion yuan every year with indirect pecuniary loss directly.[url=]replacing brocken composite deck boards[/url] Sincere letter is short of the one big bottleneck that breaking also is development of wooden floor industry.

    Before a few years, wooden floor is acclaimed because of take turns of numerous concept foamy and be in fashion for a period, but good times don't last long, in recent years since, about wooden floor complain increasing.[url=]reclaimed fence deck on unlevel ground[/url] Market of spending of current wood floor is still immature, hype concept or the individual phenomenon that exaggerative data cheats customer happen from time to tome. Want to decorate busy season immediately, the low sales promotion of wooden floor industry will be detonated again. If you have the demand of floor of wood of choose and buy recently, must fill first make up a missed lesson, industry of floor seeing wood has what consumption trap.

    Trap of conduct propaganda of wooden floor industry is great

    Trap one: of mouth of false rash advance. Some brands are hitting 100% to import the cover of to be publicized external, just import actually very few one part, use domestic stuff and technical production for the most part.

    Trap 2: wear-resisting revolution builds false . The businessman undertakes to floor wear-resisting revolution data makes a holiday, allege revolution of its floor wear-resisting is amounted to 20000 turn.[url=]24 round above ground pool with custom deck malaysia[/url] Wear-resisting revolution sets according to GB, 6000 of family expenses floor turns, business turns with floor 9000, it is qualification namely. At the same time revolution is sent more easily higher fragile, hardness is bigger tenacity is smaller.

    Trap 3: of exaggerated function. Say the floor is had fight bacterium, terrestrial heat to avoid glue, waterproof, fight electrostatic wait for a function, your consumer has a blurred vision like .

    Trap 4: of false environmental protection. When floor of choose and buy, a lot of people regard first selection as the condition avirulent and harmless, healthy environmental protection. Floor bound is like E1 class, E0 class to wait about the noun of environmental protection emerge in endlessly, hit not to have the banner of formaldehyde floor even.[url=]recycled plastic lumber suppliers in pembrokeshire[/url] Actually, the floor is in manufacturing process, combine intensity and wear-resisting to spend to assure a floor, cosmopolitan use the adhesive that contains formaldehyde more or less or paint, the key is to should ensure the floor reachs its form a complete set complementary makings all environmental protection, in order to avoid the accumulation of formaldehyde content causes a harm to the person's health. The national level of formaldehyde of wooden floor dissociate is under 1.5 milligram / rise.

    In the floor market of good and evil people mixed up, calculate on sincere the it may be said that tastes a floor is rare. Sincere article, what reflect everywhere is the sincerity of maker: Craft sincerity, just won't boast coxcombical; fixes a price genuine, just won't sit personal integrity of enterprise of; of the price since the ground is genuine, ability makes excessive demands ceaselessly character.

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