Choosing LED lighting products tips

  • LED lighting products are now gradually replace the traditional lighting, and widely used in advertising lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting and home lighting and other fields. LED lighting products, energy-saving effect has also been recognized by the majority of users, the market also has a lot of LED lighting products, that as consumers of us, how do we choose to LED lighting products? Here the West Xixi to explain the selection of LED lighting products, some tips.Led Bulb Tail Light Turn Signal

    Color is greater than 80, relatively close to the natural light, light items under the color shift small; according to their preferences, select 3000K (warm color temperature), 5000K or more (cool color temperature) or the color temperature; available smart phone camera mode, Flicker-free lamps (visible luminous images like water-like, with flicker); luminous spectral wavelengths are the same color. The quality of the inexpensive LED chip will not use color drift for a long time. Producers who do not have LED spectrophotograms are hard to produce purely color products. 50 Led Curved Light Bar

    Often the LED bulb lamp body is made of aluminum, if installed in the lamp body of the drive power of the insulation is a problem, it is possible to import electricity into the aluminum body, the human hand feels there will be electric shock phenomenon! Recently, there are world famous LED bulb in the European market "has 2 (such) accident reports, dealers and distributors of the product to take the withdrawal of the market measures" reported. Shanghai Xishi use insulating ceramic body made of light body, thus eliminating the cause of such electric shock accident reasons. To select the necessary safety certification of the lamps to ensure the use of safety. Shop Lights Commercial Lighting The Home Depot

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