The future development of stainless steel industry
  • China's stainless steel industry not only achieved the above results, process and product innovation level also has a substantial increase in nickel ore resources control capacity significantly enhanced. In addition, China's private stainless steel enterprises to seize the development opportunities, the momentum is extremely strong, the proportion of production has reached about 65%, further enhance the influence.Din Hstelloyc 22 Stainless Steel Plate 30mm Thick However, the "second five" during the stainless steel industry also exposed many problems. Second, the export trade friction pressure to increase the impact of China's exports of stainless steel exports; Third, some high-end products can not meet the domestic requirements, still rely on, the production capacity of China's stainless steel exports, Imports; its four, 200 series of stainless steel serious impact on the domestic market.4 inch welded stainless steel pipe Although the problem a lot, but in the "three five" period, the stainless steel industry there are new market opportunities, such as infrastructure construction, high-end equipment manufacturing, emerging industries.Сталь Арматурная Горячекатаная

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