wood floor price
  • It is understood that South American timber used for solid wood flooring rose by about 8% in May, the third price increase this year.The overall increase is already close to 30%.There is news that the import log price is generally rising is the domestic related industry to the international market base raw materials dependence serious.
    Due to the downstream product price, production and circulation of enterprises profit suffered a large amount of extrusion, the solid wood floor manufacturers that were eliminated could be as high as 50%.According to the timber industry, the raw material supply of solid wood flooring in our country will face a shortage of raw materials in a long period of time.
    The price of solid wood flooring will also be maintained at a high level.In Nanjing Hexi large decoration city can see, the solid wood floor price is high, the floor of 2, 300 yuan per square meter is still just mid-range.One boss says the price of solid wood is more than 30 per cent higher than at the end of last year, even if its sales profit is still down.
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