Floor product comes true impossibly " 0 formaldehyde "

  • generally speaking, generation of the meeting after aggrandizement floor be affected with damp be affected with damp rouses Bao Heqiao edge, appear such problem majority circumstance is the ground in user home special moisture,how to make a plastic bench when installing a floor board moistureproof good without processing, we once had done such case analysis, individual user runs water also can bring about this kind of problem happening. If the use environment of the user is drier when aggrandizement floor can produce gap. Be caused by of be affected with damp be affected with damp is by the side of Bao Heqiao of aggrandizement ground a small drum for marking time that is to say,advantage lumber composited boxes producing gap basically is an environment dry be caused by. Dry of damp and is two environmental features that oppose each other, from theoretic tell, in the home in same client, same time paragraph dry of moisture and should not exist at the same time. But the floor in the home that has a such user really already beat wraps shrinks seam . We look is how to return a responsibility after all.

    Oriental bead the aggrandizement that village course of study advocates to gentleman shop held some brand is compound floor, 4 months are less than after moving, relied on toilet and balcony to appear to rouse packet of phenomenon, begin to still do not calculate serious, mr Zhang once had sought agency, the answer of agency is: environment is damper,Wood Interior Wall Paneling slight phenomenon bosomy a bag can produce after floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, meet for some time too better . Because the duty factor of Mr Zhang is busier, did not seek agency again, still wait a moment to say again. Spent a many month again, rouse packet of place to was not reduced not only so, and heavier and heavier,composite wood rocking chair plans ambulate on the floor some tie a foot, still accompanying noise at the same time. Those who make Mr Zhang incomprehensible is in another room the floor does not have an arch not only, and still appeared aperture. Mr Zhang thinks: just can produce gap between batten of the ground when use environment is only dry, say my home cannot make a person damply quite apparently be convinced . The product quality that is a floor certainly appeared problem, because this requirement agency changes new floor board and the loss with fair compensation.

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