climate in the south where the floor
  • contraction deformation, keep the floor clean and dry, with a dry soft wet towel to wipe the floor, dry areas in the north, the dry season use wet cloth to wipe the floor, in the humid climate in the south where the floor mop or wet cleaning water should not be used directly. 3, in order to keep the three parquet beautiful extend paint career life, every one or two months to play a wax, wax before besmirch wipe up,

    and then in the surface layer of floor wax evenly, slightly dry with a soft cloth, until smooth and shiny. 4, to prevent a strong long-term sun exposure floor, so as not to paint in the long term under ultraviolet irradiation, aging, cracking. Avoid household appliances of cold and hot air blowing straight and baking floor; prevent the rain soaked floor, balcony, toilet and kitchen to prevent overflow etc., please turn off

    the tap water or travel; especially not contact with hot water, therefore, the heating pipes do not leak into the water on the floor, the event should be promptly wiped away. Heavy metal, ceramic tile, glass to prevent sharp spikes and hard goods scratch the floor; moving furniture should not push and pull directly on the floor, should raise move and care. Often moving furniture can be glued to the bottom of a layer

    نظام لوحة الحائط الداخلية

    يمكن تمديد بلدي السور البلاستيكية أعلى

    البلاستيك الخشب التزيين صحية

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