cork floor requires
  • The manufacturing process is very complex, and some need patent technology (surface resin technology).Therefore, the production cost of cork floor is relatively high.Fourth, the installation of cork floor is more strict on the ground and the humidity and so on, so the cost of installation is higher than the general surface material.
    Fifth, the installation, local repair and replacement of cork floor requires professional expertise.Should be, one belongs to Shantou, but not only in Shantou's famous enterprises.The search engine of Baidu's website is 16300, including reports from mainstream media in China.
    In a sense, "should be"is a card of Shantou.Shantou people are familiar with the "should be", talking about the name of the company, as well as Sony, Panasonic, Motorola, familiar with the same.However, knowing the name of an enterprise does not mean knowing the enterprise.To this day, for some people, the should be is still a mystery like should be.
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