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  • a series of problems, such as a sound, etc.. If the indoor environment is too wet or dry, solid wood floors easy to arch, warping or deformation. After the road is good to wax, oil, or the surface of the floor will soon disappear luster. 2, to strengthen the floor to strengthen the floor is also known as laminate flooring, in view of the solid wood floors are not resistant to moisture and other shortcomings, flooring

    companies have introduced a composite wood floor. The wood floor is not made of solid wood, but by four layers of composite material, that is, wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, the balance (moisture) layer. Thanks to these four layers of materials, to overcome the shortcomings of the solid floor. Because the surface of the strengthened floor is provided with a wear resistant

    layer, the utility model does not cause damage to the wood floor, even the key or the screwdriver, and the difficulty of maintenance is reduced. Second, moisture-proof layer can absorb moisture in the air, because it will not be wet or dry deformation. But the floor also has obvious shortcomings, it is environmentally friendly and has. To four layers of different materials tightly together, without the aid of adhesive

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